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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  February 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> i was scared to death. i don't know what to do. >> tonight the fire is out leaving behind charred wreckage and a lot of questions. ♪ >> life from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. it's a site that can take your breath away. huge flames raging on busy south jersey highway. not far from a peaceful neighborhood. crews worked for while to put that fire out. tonight the blackened shell of the burning tanker remains. skyfox right now over the stretch of showed road shut down while investigators work and it will stay that way for at least the next two days. good evening i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. thankfully no one was hurt in that huge fire but we will feel the impact for while. this tanker burned in the northbound lanes of route 130 near the ramp and route 90 in pennsauken, camden county. people who live nearby were forced out of their homes. >> we have live team coverage tonight. chris oh com is talking to the people in the neighborhood. we begin, though with brad sattin whose been on this story since get go.
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brad? >> reporter: lucy, what's so scary about this, it is so close to a lot of homes right where people live. we're in the backyard here take a look as we zoom in. they're not process right now as we speak of moving the frame of that tanker. what little is left. this is a clean up that will take awhile. this is route 90 to 130 the ramp here. crews expected to be on the scene cleaning up for upwards of 48 hours. this cleanup right now continues continues. thick black smoke could be seen for miles. winds blowing it never direction. the tanker truck became a fire ball just after 11:00 this morning carrying nearly 9,000 gallons of fuel. officials won't speculate on what caused the driver to lose control though neighbors tell us vehicles traveling too fast crash on this ramp regularly. the last one happened just two days ago. driver was able to get out. so he an firefighter were reportedly hospitalized. both expected to be okay. the fuel burns for while until firefighters sprayed fire
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retardant foam on it around noon which then put the fire out fairly quickly. homes sit just feet from where the tanker lost control near the betsy ross bridge. exiting route 90 on the ramp to route 130. neighbors felt their homes shake shake. >> all of a sudden i heard bank, bang bang. i thought somebody was banging a might front door. and then i heard bank again. like four banks. >> i thought something like bomb or something. and now that's it. i see all the black smoke. >> reporter: this home video shot by carol who's backyard faces the ram wrap the explosions occur. she grabbed her iphone and recorded. >> all of a sudden i heard a boom and the whole house just shook, and iran to look to see what happened after i saw the big fire ball. >> reporter: until mid afternoon was the all clear given evacuated neighborhoods reopened. >> camden county hazmat crew walked me in the house to make sure there wasn't no smoke or anything in my house. >> reporter: an odor still lingers. >> doesn't smell too good. >> still smelling like oil or
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whatever yeah. >> reporter: now what we're hearing official system that that tanker was holding 8,000 gallons of gasoline. all but 200 spilled out. obviously, there's a question of environmental concerns. the cleanup is going on as we said. it will continue for upwards of 48 hours until they get to the bottom exactly how this happened and whether there remain environmental concerns much as for neighbors they are back in their homes tonight. but clearly concerned because they say accidents on this stretch right behind them happen all the time. iain and lucy. >> brad, thank you. lot of people who lived in the area could not see the flames but they could see the smoke. one neighbor shot this cell phone video from their backyard. you can see the towering plume of black smoke as that fire raged. people who live nearby told us they felt the ground shake. >> indeed the smoke the flames, quite a sight and really very scary if you were close to it. some saw the smoke for miles away and rushed toward to check on their in a nearby homes. fox 29's chris o'connell live
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near the scene with their stories. harrowing, chris. >> reporter: lucy nearby residents and eyewitnesses say they just cannot believe someone made out of that truck alive. especially those who saw it. heard it and were rider near it. for instance, the people who live near here. you see how close we are to the house here. less than i don't know 100 yards away from that massive fire ball blew up earlier today. they say it was just a little too close for comfort. take a look at the images shortly after the crash particular skyfox. you can see the flames desintegrating the cab brinn and trailer of that tanker. the spilled fuel just covering the ground. of course, that led to flames and those flames actually spread just to the property line of some of these pennsauken homes. some were at work. many people rushed home to see these flames in their backyard. take a look at this video now. another video sent to us from a viewer that the thick black smoke covering the neighborhood.
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many of you saw the same thing we saw from miles away. we heard from people in camden and haddonfield who saw this. many sending us eyewitness accounts. we talked with a few of them. >> it was like armageddon. it was just thick black smoke billowing overhead. >> i thought like a bomb went off. that's what it felt like. i didn't see truck or anything. all i saw was allowed bank and flames i'm thinking going on now? >> back out here live, i'm sorry, not live. this is what the wreckage looked locate about an hour ago. not much left of that burned out truck. still amazing the driver wasn't hurt. now, let's bring you back out here. together company as you saw brad getting ready to rip that wreckage out of here. coming up at 6:00 more eyewitness accounts from people who live here and they're all wondering like brad said, could something like this happen again? lucy and iain. >> crushes let's hope not. we of course will continue to follow this developing story for you all night.
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you can find the latest information on our website at just look right on the home page page. >> bitter cold, brutal winds in your fox 29 winter weather authority. we are not track anything snow but that doesn't mean winter is easing up. pretty picture to look at from the indoors making a return to bone-chilling dangerous cold. lessened it on over to chief meteorologist scott williams. what's going on, scott. >> lucy, we're seeing more of that arctic air just funnel link toward our area. it's going to be locked in for several days this week. look at the temperatures right now. already single digits in the pocono mountains. six, 17 already in allentown. we're looking at 20s in philadelphia as well as all of south jersey and delaware. but you have to factor in the wind. look at the wind chills right now in the pocono mountains it feels like 13 below zero. it feels like 11 already in philadelphia. it feels like 7 degrees in trenton. so that's how you should dress. also, toward the pocono mountains there is a wind chill advisory tonight through tuesday
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morning for feels like temperatures 15 to 20 below frost bite can set in matter of minutes there. as we roll the clock by 7:00 p.m. it will feel like five below in philadelphia. and then watch what happens by 10:00 p.m. when you're watching the fox 29 news at 10. it's going to feline like 10 below. find out the day this week we'll get a little bit of relief and also if we have any snow chances with that seven day coming up. back to you. >> all right. scott. thank you. we are following some breaking news right now. a judge ordering new jersey governor chris christie to put more money into pension funds for retired public workers. unions for public workers sued the governor after he said last year he would not make full pension payments even though he agreed to back in 2011. lawyers for the union say a judge has ordered more than $1.5 billion be paid back into the fund. this ruling comes as governor christie is scheduled to deliver his budget address tomorrow. the state is expected to appeal today's ruling. now known as the ice palace is final coming down in west
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philadelphia. a crane operator started huge job demolishing this building first thing this morning. last week firefighter battled flames in the extreme cold and all of that water encased the building in ice. the weight of it made the fire damaged building dangerous and authorities have blocked off several streets around it until it all finally comes down. happening now a police shooting vest good geishan in lehigh county. skyfox over north plymouth street in allentown. we're told an officer was stabbed during a police chase. the suspect who investigators say attacked his girlfriend with 95 was killed. news conference wrapped up just a short time ago. fox 29's bruce gordon was there. he's now live at state police headquarters in bethlehem tonight. bruce? >> reporter: iain the dead man has been identified as 4284 old jerome nichols. the genesis of this violent altercation with police nichols attack on former girlfriend with whom he had recently broken up. by midday police were reopening
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plymouth road tire tracks in the snow the only hint of the violence that claimed the life of 42-year-old jerome nichols. across town, we met the man who knew nick colts for most of his live n fact had taken him in for a time. joe murphy just shook his head. >> bad choices. numerable. relationship problems. >> reporter: police say it was 3am when nichols broke into the home of a former girlfriend on the 2100 block of main street in west and stabbed her. neighbors heard the screams when she pushed upstairs 15 out the window and called for help. >> heard screaming that's all. >> reporter: screaming? >> um-hmm. what went through your mind when you heard that. >> nothing really. just my mom heard more of it than i d she heard her screaming help help me! >> reporter: police in pennsylvania state troopers chased nichols now driving a black ford explorer to this industrial park. a foot chase ensued with nichols still carrying the knife. >> he engaged the officer.
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he stabbed him multiple times. at that point officers from both pennsylvania state police and pd discharged their service weapons weapons. in an a to stop the action. >> reporter: nichols lived on race industry. his uncle told me he had problems with relationships. >> well he didn't want to let things go, you know -- >> when the break up happened he was not good with it. >> not good with it at all. >> reporter: what went through your mind when you saw him want was going on with him and the choices he was makeing? >> what are you going to do? he's an adult. what do you tell him? knock it off. he didn't knock it off. >> reporter: both the police officer and nichols former girlfriend are expected to fully recover from their stab wounds. lehigh county district attorney says he has seen dashboard cam video of that violent altercation with police in the industrial park but at least preliminarily the shooting appears to be justified. though as a matter of standard
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procedure, both the local officer who fired and the state trooper who fired will be placed on administrative duty while this case is fully investigated. lucy? >> all right bruce,. shooting at an office in south jersey left one person dead and another in the hospital. it happened just after 7:00 this morning at shields business solutions in moorestown. police say 42 year old edgar figueroa shot his co-worker 31 year old melvin nievez four times before killing himself. police say on-going domestic situation is behind the shooting shooting. night he have says in critical condition in becomes bucks county you can run but you can hide especially in aventyl laying shaft. early morning burglary at a levittown gunshop led to standoff with police. two burglars barricadeed themselves inside mike's gunshop. took some doing by police to find the two unarmed men. they were hiding in a ventilation shaft of pizza shop in the same building as the gun store. in new jersey, 7284 old retired teacher is facing a decade behind bars over his antique
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collection. >> he's facing a gun charge over an antique weapon that doesn't even work. tonight, the sheriff talks about this case for the first time. nearly a dozen students go to the hospital from the same university for the same reason. what made them all so sick. >> and a man puts his own live at risk to save a dog stuck on a frozen pond.
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♪ we are continuing to follow a developing story in pennsauken pennsauken, new jersey. this huge tanker fiery rummed on the ramp leading to route, fresh route 90 to route 130.
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skyfox over the scene this morning near the betsy ross bridge. the tanker was hauling 8,000 gallons of fuel and nearly all of it spilled and burned. the driver did get out. right now crews are preparing to haul the burned out shell away i was and this area is still closed. >> developing right now in cumberland county, people have been very upset over the arrest of a retired teacher. the span in big trouble over his 18th century collectible pistol that can't fire. >> now the cumberland county sheriffs department is saying there's more to the story than people know. bill anderson live in the newsroom with more on this case. bill? >> guys, the case of a retired new jersey teacher arrested in cumberland county for having a 300-year-old collectible begun in his car sparked a lot of outrage. adding to the confusion this weekend it was revealed that there was another man in the car who was arrested for drug possession. i went to speak to cumberland county sheriff to try get past the rhetoric and hear the real story.
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♪ >> reporter: the case 72-year-old gordon vangilder has caused a lot of controversy. he's the man who was arrested for having an 18th century flint lock pistol that his car. now there are allegations there also may have been drugs in the car. a lot of back and forth. we wanted to get the story. i came here to cumberland county to speak to sheriff ross tino. >> in sitting down with the sheriff, a couple of things are absolutely clear. first, he stands by the officer says that the officer did the right thing and second he seems a little surprised by the therefore because in his words mr. vangilder did in fact break the law and the police were just enforcing it. >> there is a statute that covers that gun. my officer did the right thing by making the arrest on it. and it's now up to the prosecutor' office. if they decide to dismiss it, then fine, because worry not out to persecute mr. vangilder. we're just going by what the law says. if people have trouble with the
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law contact their legislators haven't the law ranged. >> even as the sheriff supports the arresting officer i asked him why mr. vangilder was allowing to home that day if in fact he had clearly violated a law. again the sheriff seemed pretty clear on all of this. he said the officer just wasn't sure about the particular law. he went back and checked and when he was sure he made the appropriate arrest. >> i'm not quite sure exactly what transpired. i know the officer wasn't quite sure if that gun being an antique was covered under statute and i think he looked into it further and realized that it was. >> reporter: most of the response to this case has been critical of authorities. and how they've handled it. some of have even said the prosecutor and the sheriff public sized the alleged drugs in the car as an a at the same time to start a smear campaign to change public opinion. you can here how the sheriff responds to those questions at 6:00 o'clock. >> all right. bill, thanks. we look forward to that. arrest is made in this attack at a little caesars pizza shop in spring garden. we first showed you this video last week. a guy throwing punches and
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computer equipment at a worker there. police say the suspect saw himself on tv and turned himself in. 29-year-old dwayne towsend is facing aggravated assault charge charges. story you saw first on fox last night has helped a new jersey businessman find his stolen equipment. jim dougherty says thieves stole a trailer with $24,000 worth of landscaping equipment from his east camden of a home last thursday. surveillance camera rah caught the whole thing happening and after our story last night we got a call from a man saying his son took the contents of the trailer and that he now wants to return it. well don't know where the trailer is still but dougherty is is getting his equipment back thanks to that dad. >> central detectives are asking for your help to finder person responsible for robbing several metro pcs stores in the area. the first incident happened back on february 5th at the metro pcs store on the 2800 block of west girard avenue. the second incident took place at the 23rd street and cecil
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b. moore location on february february 9th. in both cases detectives say the suspect seen here came in with a handgun and then took off with an undetermined amount of cash. ♪ >> still in the missed this cold snap the boys are summer are heating things up a bit. we're just six weeks away from opening day for the phillies. >> pitchers and catchers reported for spring training last week. veterans were all do you in camp today. among them, chase utley the longest tepp you'd phillie. how war eskin live in tonight in clearwater. howard? >> reporter: it's a nice 70 degrees here in clearwater. >> lovely. >> thank you. >> thank you for that. >> great golf weather. not a lot of wind iain you'd have a good time on the course. yes, chase it dull report. everybody had to report today because today was the day for physicals. tomorrow is the first official day for workouts but not for chase utley because chase utley has been working out here for awhile. and he does work hard. one thing you got to give the
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guy. everybody gets older. but he really has worked hard for the last few weeks here. he said the same thing that everybody has been saying from the manager to cole hamels to cliff lee. well this team can be good and do things if -- well what are the ways to get better, chase? >> i think the familiar sis this year just trying to figure outweighs to score more runs. put the ball in play more often. battle with two strikes. you know, things like that. and again i mean, last year i'm not sure who the favorite was to win the world series last year but i don't think it was the giants. but they figure out. they got hits at the right time and made big plays. and they put the ball in play. >> chase utley the phillies are not the favorite this year. they will not be the favorites. as a matter of fact, they're one of the bottom feeders but with that being the case ryan howard was here today. all right. but he did a lost things but one thing he didn't do, he didn't talk to the mode ya.
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but he did a lot of other things. we'll look at that when we come back in sports and we'll kind of look at ryan howard and more about how chase utley thinks things will go for him and this baseball team that's coming up. >> all right. howard. see you then. >> all right. so bizarre behavior from north korea is definitely nothing new. >> yeah country is now barring foreigners from its marathon and there's a spec reason that may leave you scratching your head. >> blink and you might miss it. something very bright just freaked across -- streaked across the sky and this video the mystery a lot of people are trying to solve tonight. and sore feet and giving hearts. penn state students just raised a jaw dropping amount of money for sick kids. what participants say makes stand fog 46 hours with no sleep so easy.
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>> confirmed case of measles at princeton university. we first told you about this last week about this possible case at princeton. cdc and new jersey department of health confirm the suspected case today. they say the student in question recovered and is no longer infectious.
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princeton's health department required any staff member who may have been exposed to stay off the school's campus until they could prove they were vaccinated. >> north korea wants to keep outsiders out of its annual marathon. they're banned all foreigners from this year's marathon. the marathon is a popular tourist event bringing in professional runners and guests from all around the world. one man who runs the tour agency in china says north korean officials are citing ebola concerns as the reason behind the restrictions. >> i understand the restrictions restrictions, but i think, you know it's quiet clear that ebola is not a risk at the moment in this part of the world world. >> yeah, no reported case of ebola have surfaced near north korea. the country closed its borders to foreign tourists in october. north korea has also suggested the united states created ebola as a biological weapon. nearly a dozen students in the hospital at a connecticut university after reportedly overdosing on the drug molly.
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molly is slang for m did ma associated with ecstasy. >> wes lee yann university leaders say it started yesterday morning when sophomore was rushed to the hospital. in critical condition. then throughout the day ambulances made several trips to the campus to take other students to the hospital who were also showing signs of overdose. 11 students had to be taken to the hospital in all. >> it's to be expected from a college environment. but it definitely -- it's disappointing to know that people are exposed to this kind of dangerous drug. >> university and local police are working together on an investigation into the overdoses overdoses. do your children love sugary fatty food? most kids do, and just like when we were little, everything in moderation. >> always a good rule. a new study suggests a little here and there could actually make for healthier kids in the long run. and this winter continues to really ramp as an arctic blast sweeps across the country tom night travelers having trouble
5:27 pm
and things are about to get worse. scott? >> iain, that's right. temperatures are dropping for us. it's going to be dangerous in some locations.
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♪ a massive tanker fire in pennsauken, new jersey, is out and crews are working right now to remove the burned out shell of the truck. it overturned and caught fire this morning on the ramp leading from route 90 to route 130. the area is still closed to traffic and will remain closed
5:30 pm
for at least two days. the driver made it out. no word on his injuries though. neighbors forced to leave their homes are now beginning to return back home and our live team coverage continues at 6:00. >> here's a live look at blue mountains from our pocono mountains camera. plenty of snow here 31 out the area. we are not expecting any new snow but the stuff on the ground well it's not going anywhere. it's cold and it will get colder colder. chief meteorologist scott williams with a look at the week ahead coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. all right. we're not alone. >> no. dangerously cold temperatures hitting several regions of the u.s. dumb morning snow and freezing the roads. >> just the latest blast of winter and what has been a punishing season for many areas. fox's hillary vaughn has the very latest from bedford, new hampshire. >> reporter: the colorado rockies are taking a pounding from winter weather. some areas are seeing as much as a foot of snow. drivers across the area are busy digging out their cars while dreading hitting the roads. >> what i'm worried about i have
5:31 pm
to take the side streets up to north denver, and so the problem all the neighborhood streets. >> reporter: in the dallas area a thick layer of ice that developed overnight left cars stranded. people are rushing to the grocery store to get last minute searches. >> it's kind of tight getting around the aisles around what one i was down in the butter and eggs and stuff. everybody was kind of bumping into each other kind of crowded here. >> reporter: winter weather also taking a toll on washington d.c. fire officials say three manhole covers shot into the air. a mix of salt and snow seeped into underground electrical wires causing explosions and scaring tourists. >> we're from vermont. this doesn't happen much in vermont. pretty quiet up there. >> reporter: in massachusetts rapidly changing weather caused part of a barn roof to collapse. temperatures spiked to the 40s over the weekend and the heavy snow piling on buildings is starting to melt. but freezing conditions are back here in the northeast and we're not alone. the national weather service
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says temperatures will be 25 to 30 degrees below normal for much of the country. in bedford, new hampshire hilary vaughn, fox news. >> the bitter cold continues right here at home as well. >> yeah. february is almost over. as we -- >> thank goodness. >> as we move towards the weekend. march will be chilly too. >> i know. >> chilly but not cold. >> i was hoping for 60s in the middle of march. >> keep hoping. >> i am. >> fly south. (laughter). >> let's talk about this arctic blast you guys moving in right now. it's going to be beautiful sunset, though f you're stepping outdoors. the sun is setting later. at about 5:46 but look at the temperature. it's 24 degrees already in philadelphia. with a feels like temperature of 11. and we started the day believe it or not in the 40s. so that arctic air really continues to funnel in. but there is some good news. we're not looking at any rain, sleet or snow in our area but take look to the south. little rock, sleeves port louisiana greenville mississippi
5:33 pm
two below. dealing with a wintry mix causing major problems here because they just don't have the equipment to deal with that type of precipitation as we watch the clock you can see that will continue moving toward the atlanta metro area by tuesday morning. charlotte will get some of that snow but that activity will stay to our south. we'll have sunshine but deceptive sunshine for tuesday as well as wednesday with dry conditions expected across our area for much of the week. but it will stay cold. look at the temperatures right now. already in the 20s for wilmington. dover 26. 26 right now in atlantic city and take a look at the teens toward allentown. single digits already in the pocono mountains but factor in that wind it feels like 13 below zero right now in the pocono mountains it feels like two in allentown. we're feeling like 13 in millville as well as atlantic city. so if you are stepping outdoors those temperatures will continue to drop so bundle up, dress in layers. stay hydrated and also keep your
5:34 pm
skin hydrated. we're looking at bitterly cold air for tonight. look at those temperatures. 5 degrees in the city. two below for the north and western suburbs. more bone-chilling cold but also we'll be pretty close to several records across our area. so let's talk about those potential records. philadelphia the record is two from the 1800's. the forecast is five. but look at wilmington's record. it's six back in 1923. the forecast for wilmington is two. so we'll probably smash that. as we move toward atlantic city. the record is two from the 1800's. we'll come close in ac and look at trenton two below back in the 1800's the forecast is three. and then allentown that forecast is definitely in record territory. so as we take a look at the wind chill, feels like temperatures for the pocono mountains will be 15 to 20 below. a frost bite danger is expected there. especially in the pocono mountains but take a look at the clock as we go ahead to 10:00 p.m. it's going feel 10 below in
5:35 pm
philadelphia. it will feel like 20 below in the pocono mountains so once again dangerously cold conditions and then by tomorrow morning it will feel like eight below when you wake up in philadelphia. 25 below in the pocono mountains mountains. so for tomorrow, once again a lot of sunshine out there but it's not going to do a whole lot to warm us up in fact temperatures a good 20 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. 25 degrees that's it. for the high temperature and then i think wednesday is going to be the mild defendant or warmest day this week with temperatures in the mid 30s. we should get above freezing not as harsh. we're calling it for wednesday and then freezing again thursday friday into the 20s saturday, 31 and then it looks like milder air and rainfall sunday into monday. so as we start march a little milder. >> that's close to 50. >> it is. >> there you go. >> all right. scott, thank you. >> all right. will the department of homeland security run out of
5:36 pm
money? >> it could happen in the in a master days and impact you and we've got the run down of what could go on. and people across the country are watching this video very closely. did you just see it? something streaked across the sky. another look straight ahead. >> and coming up at 6:00 innocent animals forced to live in deplorable conditions. the dogs owners noon just leave them behind. the office is stepping in and compromise?
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♪ the weekend's wicked weather causing a string of car accidents across oklahoma. at least two 18 wheelers slid off the icy roads yesterday in woodward oklahoma. no one was hurt but the area is being hit with another round of snow right now. and some parts of the state could see 5-inches of snow. >> new video tonight of a possible meteor in north florida. parking lot footage shows what looks kind of like firework shooting across the sky saturday night. dozens of people reported seeing bright lights and hearing loud booms that evening and nasa says the siting was probably a meteor road basically a space rock
5:40 pm
entering the atmosphere. fox 29 looking out for your kids health tonight. cutting junk food from kids diet is important but if a little sugar and fat helps them eat their veggies a leading group of pediatricians calls that a good trade off. new recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics emphasizing the importance of introducing kids to a wide variety of foods. in order to do that doctors say parents may need to add sugar or fats to make those foods more appealing. the recommendation state if the only milk a young child will drink is flavored milk the extra sugar may be worth it as long as the kids overall diet has limits on sugary foods. new guideline publish online in the journal pediatrics. >> spending thon money on that they could have talked to my grandma. she's been doing that for decades. here we're dealing with ice and snow, of course n south korea it is yellow dust. it's mostly blowing in from china and man goal ya and thick enough to hunt people' lungs. it carries bacteria and industrial pollutants. in school people are spending
5:41 pm
least amount of time as possible outdoors. many of them wear face masks. the winds below the yellow dust in every year this is a seasonal thing as of late usually between march and may. it arrived a little earlier than normal this year. what dud with your weekend? >> hundreds of young people in pennsylvania just raised millions and millions of dollars for kids with cancer. >> too hard to put into words. >> well that amount of giving is indeed hard to even comprehend. coming up the annual event at penn state that has become the best at what it does in the entire world. >> love that story and this. man puts his own life at risk to save a dog stuck on a fro
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sometimes, caring for your neighbors means going the extra mile. when our patient, susan, mentioned her dad couldn't make it in to pearle vision to get his eyes checked... we went to him. and we realized, if he had trouble getting new glasses... he probably wasn't the only one. to us, eye care is about living dr. pearles legacy. building a trusting relationship with the person behind the eyes. this is genuine eye care right in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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>> a crash on railroad tracks but no trains involved here. a small plane crashed landed on the tracks near downtown spokane washington yesterday. tonight the pilot is in critical condition. curtis neal witnessed it all. the plane hit the train tracks and ended up on a street near boy. neal says he ran over and tapped on the window but the pilot did not respond. >> he was barely breathing inside and the two officers right over there assists me on getting him out. cutting the seat belt and we drug him out and ems came by and hauled him off with six police car escort. >> investigators say the plane had taken off from a nearby airport and lost power a short time later. west coast ports are back in business but not back to normal. shipping companies and dock workers reached a contract agreement friday night. it ends a contract dispute that lasted nine months and led to
5:46 pm
work slow downs. port officials say it will take about three months to clear the backlog of containers on dozens of ships that is not good news for business owners. >> we would like to have seen certainly more negotiation months ago, not weeks ago. >> west coast ports bring in $1 trillion of cargo each year and the responsible for money third of all u.s. international trade. if you are going to the mall the head of homeland security wants you just to keep your eyes open. over the weekend al-qaida linked terror group released a video calling for attacks against western shopping centers. >> the threat comes as the white house and congress inch closer to a showdown this week over funding the department of homeland security. fox's joel wald span in washington with that story. >> reporter: the house and senate chambers empty this morning just four days before funding for the department of homeland security is set to expire. >> what is going on in congress is they are there some who want to did he fund our executive
5:47 pm
actions don it in a way that holds up the entire budget of homeland security for this nation. that is unacceptable from a public safety homeland security view report roar republicans stripped funding for department last session. citing president obama's executive order on immigration a policy which would be carried out by dhs. back on february 16th a texas judge temporarily blocked implementation of the president's order to grant legal status to about 4 million undocumented immigrants. >> i think it's an over reach on the part of the executive branch and the courts have thus far they've called it that way. i think the general feeling is that we will keep the department open and again there's too much at stake right now to do otherwise. >> reporter: funding the department took on more urgency over the weekend as one of the symbols of american capital i and consume i became a possible terror target it's attack. al shabob released a six minute video calling for attacks against mall of america and two
5:48 pm
other malls located in can in a dan and uk. the video also calls on muslim men to carry out lone wolf attacks on other shopping centers. >> yeah, i am scared because i have kids. i have little ones and -- >> the mall of america significant because minnesota has more somalis than any other state. us authorities say there's no credible evidence of an attack. in washington, joel waldman fox news. most of us dread taxes but one local mother struggling to pay hers is now beside herself. worried she and her family are going to lose their home. what is stunning here the organization that's working to kick her out. fox 29 is investigating jeff cole joins us from the newsroom with a look ahead in his report coming up to note at 10:00. >> donna maxwell is raising four children in a mobile home in burlington county. she says it's only home her kids have ever known. but come april they've been ordered out. who is telling her to go? a group which has bought and paid her taxes under new jersey's policy of allowing tax leans to
5:49 pm
be sold at auction. get this. that group has an address at a local large church. a church. tonight at 10:00 we'll learn by donna maxwell struggled to pay her taxes and take to you the church to ask its executive pastor what the heck is going on on. >> donna max eel well is being foreclosed on. she's told -- >> did she pay her tax. >> no, she hasn't. >> she should pay her taxes that's the law. >> do you think a church should foreclose on her and kick her out. >> no. >> no, is that what you folks do do? >> hear months he we press that reverend for answers tonight at 10:00 as we begin a two-part investigative report that's as fox 29 reports tonight at 10:00. lucy we hope folks will take look at this. this is an interesting take on this idea of tax lien sales and foreclosures in new jersey. >> it is indeed. looking forward to it, jeff. 700 penn state students just danced for days straight and they have straight up made us all incredibly proud. the 46 hour dance thon otherwise
5:50 pm
known as thon raises a ton of money every year for pediatric cancer research. and the students aching feet proved no match for their huge hearts. >> what time is it? probably around 6:30. >> all right. they may not know what time it is but they know exactly why they're on their feet. >> the weekend right now that we 50's kids to have break from not being in the hospital not worrying about their medications and any illnesses and all kind of big brothers and sisters to them as they're here this weekend to show them a good time. help them to forget what they're going through. >> three two one dance thon. >> this is penn state's dance marathon or just thon for short. it's a 46 hour no sleeping, no sitting a literal stand against pediatric cancer. >> all of the money raised through thon goes to our social
5:51 pm
beneficiary the four diamonds out of pep state hers she. what the four diamonds is basically a fund for families cancer patients at pediatric hershey for those families affected by pediatric cancer and through the four diamond not only are they supported um, in multiple ways four diamonds families never see a bill g football reigned supreme at penn state each and every fall but every winner -- winter the kids take center stage in this a rona packed to capacity. >> the idea is that we have just a little bit of the pain that these kids go through day in and day out. obviously it has nothing compared to what these kids are going through with chemotherapy and radiation but standing for 46 hours straight is tough and i'll tell you right now i'm feeling it. >> for the schultz family and their eight-year-old son eli thon is much more than the millions of dollars raised. >> it's just too hard to put into words. unless you've been here you can really understand what thon is all about. >> the schultzs are just one of 3300 families benefiting from
5:52 pm
thon this year alone. the dancers like to say it's ftk ftk. >> for the kids. >> $13,026,653 and 23 cents. >> fyi ftk stands for the kids. thon raised as you just saw more than $13 million this year alone alone. it is the largest student run philanthropic cause in the world since 1977 thon raised more than $120 million to help fight pediatric cancer. >> a rescue puppy adjusting to life without a leg. this is hazel and she was brought to portland organize frog a high kill shelter in california. hazel had surgery to row move her back right leg because it didn't work. vets believe that is will make live easier for the dog. >> she has a lot more mobility. she can really get around. nothing is getting in her way. she's got more energy. nothing is holding her back. >> worker at the pet shelter were hazel is staying are working on finding a permanent home for her in the coming weeks
5:53 pm
weeks. >> hopefully she'll get her forever home soon. animals always grab our hearts. in fact one man risked his own life to save dog trapped in a frozen pond. >> fox's chad tucker now has details on this daring rescue in north carolina. >> reporter: the images tell it all. >> we tried numerous efforts to get hmm out report roar tj knew what had to be done to save nina nina. >> can't let a dog die like that. >> reporter: a bird caught her attention and she chased it here. >> slid all the way across the ice out to dead center and fell through report roar nearby children started yelling. neighbors started calling 911. >> real helpless feeling not being able to know what to do to help the kids. >> reporter: 911 called this man at the swim club neck to the pond for directions. but he new time was running out. the dog had been in there for more than 30 minutes. >> the worst thing the dog actually start yelping and was just sitting there with a sad look on his face.
5:54 pm
wasn't sure he was going to make it with a wet suit on hand he jumped in. >> i jumped in i couldn't stand. high to swim through the ice. >> he took nina to a vet to get check out and wait for her owner robin janson. >> nina you make me cry. >> he was in the right place at the right time. >> he don't really find those characteristics in people any more. for him to be basically risk his life for nina is just -- it's very -- it's very special for us us. >> select group of local students got to see what it's like to be mayor for day. mayor michael nutter and some other government leaders joined forces with members from the police athletic league to kick off pal day at city hall. 18 honorary high school students started day off by taking a oath of office followed by a presentation in memory of pal day co-founder sally berlin. >> this is sarah sally berlin
5:55 pm
presented by the city of philadelphia in memory of her founding legacy pal day at city hall. february 23rd 2015. >> after the ceremony students joined city officials in a networking lunch and they were paired up with government leaders to learn about daily operations. straight ahead at 6:00 the ground shakes and the windows rattle in local neighborhood. >> all of a sudden i heard a boom and the whole house just shook. report. >> outside a terrifying site. >> all you can see was a big ball of fire. >> tonight this she will is all that remains avenue tanker that exploded on a busy highway. now authorities ask how we got here.
5:56 pm
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6:00 pm
lot of people from their homes. so now the cleanup begins. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. a lot of questions tonight about what's going on. we have live team coverage we'll begin with brad sattin on this one all day. brad? >> reporter: lucy, this seen about seven hours old. cleanup continues. they just brought a tanker in little while ago to start to remove the frame of what's left of the tanker. i'll step out of the way here about an hour ago most of that tanker was finally removed. the driver by the way the only person with slight injuries he was taken to cooper hospital about 30 homes had to be temporarily vac weighed after 8,000 gallons of fuel spilled leading to some environmental concerns. >> the fire and then all the black smoke started billowing. >> imagine looking out your living room window to see this. home video that carol shot grabbing her iphone when she heard explosion after explosion coming here her backyard. >> i saw the big fire ball all up in the air and then the fire just started


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